My Name is Chantal

I’m here to help you finally learn why you’ve been holding yourself back by helping you connect to yourself, your world, and all the people who live in it. I’m a multi-modality certified professional offering one-on-one coaching for women who are tired of running on autopilot!

Want to Find Your Purpose? Then Prepare to Pivot!

I create personalised programs for women who are ready to not only let go of the beliefs that have been limiting their lives, but to embrace the confidence and courage to pivot into the soul-led and purpose-driven woman that you are.

Coach, Mentor... Friend

I’m certified in a variety of modalities – including NLP, activation, silent counselling and even quantum holographic echo healing. I’ve spent years refining and razor-sharpening my approach to helping women like you learn how to find your purpose and head confidently in the direction of your dreams. The tools I’ve spent so many years perfecting are exactly what I use to help you breakthrough that old, tired way of thinking of yourself and the life you’re living, and finally step into your higher self.


I found Pivot Foundations engaging and thought-provoking. The six weeks passed so quickly. The zoom meetings were ably led by Chanty and the workbooks added to the program.

I think it was when we ...

Nicola B (Pivot Foundations)

I found Chantal to be a great listener but she also steered the conversation in the direction needed to hit on a topic to be investigated further. Each session left me with things to ponder, ...

Karen N (1-1 Coaching)

Life has changed for everyone since the pandemic; time freedom is more valuable to me. Pivot Foundations is a program that will take you from 'what if...?' to 'let's make this happen!'

Jenny P (Pivot Foundations)

Techniques Used

As part of our coaching we use a variety of techniques to get you your desired outcome

Areas Covered

United Kingdom, Worldwide

Questions, Comments?

If you've any questions about my services, please don't hestiate to drop me a quick message and I'll get back to you ASAP.










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