Quantum Holographic Echo Healing

Quantum Holographic Echo Healing

QHEH is able to access information in your cells and the unwanted negative memories are removed.

Space is then filled with higher frequency energies of positive empowering emotions and beliefs.

Within this modality, we work with your quantum energy field and because everything is connected through energy and vibration, we are able to tap into your energy field to pick up on certain emotions, feelings, timelines or issues that may be playing out in your life right now.

We work with your energectic hologram, which is a version of you we may see/tap into and provide a healing treatment throughout the session to remove any energetic imbalances and also to help raise your vibration.

QHEH helps remove the blocked energy and helps restore a more positive memory, this has an amazing effect on the mind and body, it helps facilitate positive change, allowing you to become more empowered and in control of your own destiny.

By realising we all store negative programming we can also help heal ancestral imprints

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