Pivot Foundations (1-1)

Pivot Foundations (1-1)

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Week 1: Welcome To The Programme!

Gain Deeper Self Awareness

Eradicate Limiting Beliefs

Week 2: Master Your Mindset

Build Unshakable Confidence

Release Negative Emotions

Anchor Yourself

Week 3: Discover Your True Passions, Purpose and Personality

Evaluate Your Energy

Understand Your 6 Top Daily Needs

Uncover Your Life Story

Week 4: Shift Towards Your True Self

Develop A Morning And Evening Routing

Become Clear on Goals And Dreams

Visualise Your Perfect Day

Week 5: Get Clarity On Your Higher Purpose

Connect With And Learn From Your Future Self

Identify And Embrace Your Highest Purpose

Gain Clarity On The Things That You Need

Week 6: The Pivot Planner (Action Steps For Moving Forward)

Create A Strategy To Secure Your Perfect Life

Develop The Action Steps

Understand The Numbers

You will also have

WhatsApp/Messenger support to keep you accountable

Complimentary Activation Session helping uncover anything that is holding you back, to release this and connect with your higher self to truly see your future potential

Access To Our Private Facebook Community

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