Pivot Foundations

Pivot Foundations

(6 Weeks)

Week 1: Welcome To The Program!

Gain Deeper Self Awareness

Eradicate Limiting Beliefs

Week 2: Master Your Mindset

Build Unshakable Confidence

Release Negative Emotions

Anchor Yourself

Week 3: Discover Your True Passions, Purpose and Personality

Evaluate Your Energy

Understand Your 6 Top Daily Needs

Uncover Your Life Story

Week 4: Shift Towards Your True Self

Develop A Morning And Evening Routing

Become Clear on Goals And Dreams

Visualise Your Perfect Day

Week 5: Get Clarity On Your Higher Purpose

Connect With And Learn From Your Future Self

Identify And Embrace Your Highest Purpose

Gain Clarity On The Things That You Need

Week 6: The Pivot Planner (Action Steps For Moving Forward)

Create A Strategy To Secure Your Perfect Life

Develop The Action Steps

Understand The Numbers To Make Your Future Work

Payment Plans Available

Pay In Full And Get A Free Activation Session (worth £111) And Accountability Session With Chantal (worth £55)

Questions, Comments?

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